1. The author should send to the editorial office:
- One carefully read through and signed by the author (co-authors) copy of the article,
- Information about the author/s,
- Metadata in Russian and English (the title; name, patronymic, surname of the author; the author’s place of work; postal address of the institution; e-mail address of the author/s; abstract; keywords; transliterated references).
- Application for publishing an article signed by the author/s and certified by the institution.
2. The article is accepted for consideration if it fits the profile of the journal and the requirements for the articles posted on the journal website. The article must be open (a restrictive neck serves as a basis for rejecting the material), original, unpublished and not submitted for publication in other journals.
3. The author of the article is notified of the receipt of the article.
4. The papers received by the editorial office are checked for plagiarism on www.antiplagiat.ru. The degree of originality must be at least 80%.
5. The manuscript is sent to the editor, who assesses the objectives of the study, the accuracy and completeness of the factual material, the structure of the article, the logic of construction, linguistic and stylistic quality.
6. The manuscripts of papers, received by the editorial office, are subject to mandatory peer-review (see details in: Manuscript Review Procedure). Only the articles recommended by reviewers are published.
7. The editorial office reserve the right to reject papers if the author is unable or unwilling to take into account the recommendations of the reviewers. In case of rejecting of the article the author gets a reasoned refusal.
8. If a paper was published or sent for publication to other journals, it may be rejected by the Editorial Board even in case of positive reviews. If the authors do not provide all the necessary documents, or the text does not comply with the requirements of the editorial office, it may be rejected by the Editorial Board even in case of positive reviews.
9. The articles are published in sequence and upon the receipt by the Editorial Board. In exceptional cases, the Editorial Board has the right to change the order of the publication of articles. The editors reserve the right to make reductions and changes in the manuscript.
10. The period of consideration of the article and the decision of its publication should not exceed three months from the date of the receipt of the manuscript by the Editorial Board.
11. The editorial office has the right to publish letters from readers with an assessment of published articles. The manuscripts, printed as a part of discussion, can be equipped with the relevant footnote. The authors are responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in the articles.
12. Any violation of copyright will be prosecuted. Reprint of the journal must be approved by the editorial office. Written consent to reprint and the links to the journal when quoting are mandatory.
13. The accepted manuscripts will not be returned to the authors. Electronic versions of the articles are stored in the editorial office for five years.
14. The Editorial Board does not keep the manuscripts not accepted for publication.
15. The manuscripts with negative reviews are not published and are not returned to the authors.
16. The fee for the publication of articles is not charged, royalties are not paid. Copies of the journal are sent to the authors by mail.
17. Articles are to be submitted to the following addresses: 614990, Perm, Bukirev st., 15, Perm State University, History and Political Science Faculty, Department of the Contemporary History of Russia or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The date of receipt of the article is the date of the receipt of the manuscript (or the corrected version of the article) by the Editorial Board.
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