Vybornov A. A., Lychagina E. L., Vasilyeva I. N., Melnichuk A. F., Kulkov M. A. New Data on the Periodization and Chronology of Novoilyinsky, Garinsky and Bor Sites of the Kama Region (.pdf) 


Annotation: One of the most controversial issues of studying the primitive materials of Kama region is the correlation between the sites of Novoilyinskaya, Garinskaya and Bor types. For a long time, hypotheses were based only on a typological analysis of the complexes. During 2008-2018, a series of radiocarbon dates has been obtained, which makes major adjustments to the solution of the issue. Since a part of the dates was obtained from organic matter in ceramics, the results of the technological analysis of the pottery of the studied samples are published for the first time. Judging by the totality of radiocarbon dates, it is possible to imagine the periodization and the chronology of the analyzed complexes of the Kama region. The lower chronological boundary of the sites of the Novoilyinskaya culture dates back to V millennium BC, and the upper one - to the end of the IV millennium BC. The beginning of the Garinskaya culture dates back to the end of the IV millennium BC, and the beginning of the II millennium BC. The sites of the Bor type occupy the chrono-interval from the late IV millennium BC until late III millennium BC. Technological analysis showed a significant difference of the pottery of the Novoilyinskaya culture from the Garinsky and Bor ones. According to the formula, there is a big similarity between the last ones.


Key words: Eneolithic, Kama region, Novoilyinskaya culture, radiocarbon analysis, Garinskaya type, Bor type, chronology.


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