Klement'eva T. Yu., Trufanov A. Ya. Neolithic Cultural and Chronological Complexes of the Bolshaya Umytia 109 Settlement (.pdf) 


Annotation: The article deals with ceramic complexes of the Bolshaya Umytia 109 archaeological site, which is located in Sovetsky district of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Region – Ugra. Inside the site territory, two Neolithic settle-ments marked as BUm-109.1 and BUm-109.2 were excavated. The dwellings of those settlements were located at least 110 m apart; their material complexes were considered within one cultural tradition. But the results of C14 analyses provide data on possible two hundred severance between studied settlements. The earliest complex BUm- 109.1 could exist from the end of the second quarter until the beginning of the fourth quarter of the 5th millennium BC, while structures of the BUm-109.2 could be erected and used form the end of the third quarter of the 4th millen-nium BC. The comparative study of the two monocultural complexes demonstrates the dynamics of the pottery tradi-tion. Whereas shapes and form-making patterns for analyzed vessels were constant, the decorative techniques were not. In BUm-109.1, the majority of pots were decorated with incised technique (77%) and combined swaying, pricked, smooth-stamped and comb-stamped ornaments. In BUm-109.2, incised decoration is observed on 57% ves-sels and regarded as a distinctive feature. Next, vessels with pricked and swaying ornaments are also dominant and their proportions changed. The ware from BUm-109.2 is varying in decorative patterns and correlation of various ornamental techniques. The analyzed settlements are included in one Umytia site group mapped for the Konda river basin; all reference complexes are well-stratified. The basic features of Umytia group ceramics were observed on pottery found at other sites of the Konda river basin, such as Sumpania II, IV, VI; Leushi VII; Chilimka V, as well as Ches-Tyj-Yag of the Northern Sosva river basin. It can be assumed that a well-stratified complex with monocultural features is crucial for the further systematization of Neolithic artifacts. 


Key words: the North of Western Siberia, Konda river basin, Neolithic Age, pottery, radiocarbon.


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