Romashova М. V. World history of aging: from antiquity to modernity (.pdf)


The paper presents some reflections on the problem of old age raised by David Troyansky in the book «Aging in World History» (Themes in World History). Aging of population has become an issue of worldwide concern, a challenge to the society, authorities, and social support system, but it also opened new possibilities for the elderly. The old age experience has become the norm. It strengthened the interest to the history of old age that leads to the studies of what the aging ways were in past; what people could expect in their later years; how they represented old age, and how other people represented it; what traditional representations of the elderly continue to shape people’s lives; how to avoid concerns and fears dedicating to natural aging; whether society is ready to confirm a changing role, needs and possibilities of elderly people. Historiography’s discussions, methods and approaches to the history of old age are considered. The main theme sections and research issues of the analyzed book are defined. The literature on the Soviet history of old age is examined shortly.


Key words: old age, demographic aging, representations, modernization, medicalization, gerontology, global context.


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