Pereskokov M. L. Mound with military burial of V century from the Kala-Uryn cemetary (.pdf)


The article discusses the burial mound №2 of the Kala-Uryn cemetery in Perm Kama region. The author analyzes the details of funeral ceremony and the chronology of burial items. Cultural and chronological context of the burial is analyzed, and the details of the evolution of the belt sets in the territory of the Kama region are revealed. The study of the chronology of complexes similar to the burial from the Kala-Uryn cemetery, based on materials of planning, stratigraphy, seriation, and analysis of chrono indicators, led to the conclusion that those complexes are a rather narrowly dated group of burials where it is possible to determine the period when the style of the belts had been formed. This is the style typical for the monuments of the Kharino type (the early Kharino period of the Lomovatovo culture and the Brody period of the Nevolino culture, the second third of the 5th – the end of the 5th century). Thus, the revealed chronological horizon should be somewhat later than the cultural-chronological horizon of the Turaevo-Kudash, partially overlapping it, the earliest in the chronological group 4 and can be dated not earlier than the turn of the 4th and 5th centuries and not later than the middle of the 5th century, possibly the first third of the 5th century AD. The complex of the monuments of Kala-Uryn is related to the final stage of the Glyadenovo culture functioning in the basin of the Lower Mulyanka river up to its full desolation. The population has left the area because of environmental causes at the turn of the 5th and 6th centuries.


Key words: burials mounds, burials, burial items, the Glyadenovo culture, arms, pottery.


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