Solodkin Ya. G. On history of creating the Siberian Chronicle of senior edition (on main types of the sources of "Kniga zapisnaya") (.pdf)


The “Kniga zapisnaya”which is the eldest one among the surviving editions of the Siberian chronicle has a documentary basis. The analysis of the monument completed, apparently, in 1688 (not before that year, as previously thought) and the comparison of a number of chronicle articles with the documents give the opportunity to determine that the main sources used by the anonymous author of the chronicle were the papers of the administrators of the Tobolsk and Tomsk razryads, prikaz references, royal charters and voyevodas’ replies. In later versions of the chronicle, a large amount of information drawn from the relevant documents, has been omitted, and it gave a special value to the balanced position of the monument as a source for the Siberian history of the 17th century, first of all administrative history.Sometimes, the observed discrepancies between the “Kniga zapisnaya” and the documentary evidence may be explained by the fact that the anonymous chronicler used the other letters or replies, rather than the preserved ones, or not always accurately conveyed the content of several documents.


Key words: the Siberian Chronicle, “Kniga zapisnaya”, razryad, papers of administrators, clerk certificates, charters, replies.


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