Evtekhov R. A., Malygina O. A. City police in the system of government institutions of Trans-baikal region in XVIII – early XX century (.pdf)


The article deals with the formation and reorganization of the city police as a part of government institutions of the Trans-Baikal region. The use of unpublished archive sources gives the possibility to determine the state, the role and importance of the city police in the conditions of transboundary. The main attention is paid to the staff structure and organizational features of the city police of the Trans-Baikal region. A significant part of the work is devoted to the period of the 18thcentury which was a time of the emergence of the Trans-Baikal police. Another important period of the police history started in the 1860s when, during the reforms, different police institutions were united into a single institution. The revolutionary upheaval and change of the ruling power could not leave the police unchanged. After the revolution, the tsarist police had been abolished, and public safety committees were established to replace. The author concludes that the police was the most important body of the imperial policy in Russia.


Key words: city police, police department, mayor, chief of police, state, government institutions, commandant, Trans-Baikal region.


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