Smirnova N. V. Japanese classical literature in Nikolay Konrad's translations and research as part of the lecture course «History of medieval Asia and Africa» (.pdf)


The author presents the experience of including the elements of literary texts into the course on medieval history of Asia and Africa for the students of History faculties. The translations of Japanese literature make students familiar with Japanese history. The author states the significance of «Ise Monogatari» and «Hōjōki» translated and annotated by a Russian orientalist Nikolay Konrad in expanding students' knowledge on the history of medieval Japan. «The Novel of Hogan years» and «The Novel of the Great World» introduce students to the brave Samurai culture and provide a material to study the ideology of Japanese warriors. A talented orientalist Vladislav Goreglyad translated the mentioned novels. The use of Japanese classical works at the lectures creates a unique image of the era but also improves the general level of students’ culture. The paper shows the importance of fiction and academic works of Nikolai Conrad in studying the history of medieval Japan, Korea and China.


Key words: orientalist and translator Nikolay Konrad, history of Asia and Africa, history of medieval Japan, literary fiction, Russian translations, «Ise Monogatari», «Hōjōki».


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