Gagarina D. А. Russian-French seminar «Textometry and corpuses of Russian texts» (.pdf)


The article presents a review of the Russian-French seminar «TXM and corpuses of Russian texts» held at Lyon, on June, 8th-15th, 2015. The seminar was devoted to the discussion of theoretical and applied problems of creation of modern information resources for researches in History, Political Science, Linguistics and other Humanities. The seminar was organized by the Ecole Normale Superieure of Lyon, Laboratory ICAR, Labex ASLAN Laboratory in conjunction with Denis Diderot Library. The article provides a review of the seminar program and reports. The central event of the program was a research seminar held in the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Lyon. Projects of creation of academic electronic resources based on Russian and French historical sources were presented and discussed at the seminar. Among them, there were «Corpus Boris Chicherin», digital edition of a 15th-century French medical treatise, internet portal «Parliamentary History of Pre-Revolutionary Russia», «Zemstvo journals», as well as the series of information systems based on province periodicals. The second part of the seminar was devoted to the TXM workshop. The article describes the TXM opportunities for researches in Digital Humanities.


Key words: Digital History, Digital Humanities, Historical Information Science, information resources, history-oriented information systems, Computer Linguistics.


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