Mitina R. V. Perm newspapers as a source for the study of World War one: post-soviet historiography (.pdf)


The article analyses the modern process of formation and development of historical knowledge in the field of the history of World War I with the focus on Russian provincial newspapers (1914-1919). The author describes the pre-revolutionary and Soviet historiography of the issue and presents positive results and negative tendencies of the Soviet historical research. The analysis of academic works in which contemporary authors explore the history of Russian periodicals of 1914-1919 is presented in the paper. The attempts of the historians to change the negative sides of the Soviet historiography are studied in the article. Special attention is given to the works studying Russian regional press in the period of World War I. The importance of those sources for the history of World War I is discussed in the paper.


Key words: World War I, periodical press, historical source, historiography, Perm provincial periodicals.


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