Abanin A. V. Prince Andrey Telyatevsky: role of personality in the Bolotnikov rebellion during the time of Troubles (.pdf)


The article considers the role of Prince Andrey Telyatevsky in the rebellion of Ivan Bolotnikov. The author explores why Telyatevsky joined the rebel movement, reveals his kinship with the Godunov family in order to reevaluate his participation in the Kromy battle and his further transition to the rebels. The possible relations between a Moscow boyar Telyatevsky and Ivan Bolotnikov that reflected the development of the insurgency are under analysis in the paper. Their essence lies in the fact that Telyatevsky joined the rebel movement only after the inclusion of a new pretender Prince Peter into the movement. Peter became the banner and the representative of the royal family, who officially led the Bolotnikov rebellion. He started to bestow estates and lands; therefore, Telyatevsky joined him, because he could not join Ivan Bolotnikov, his former slave. The author notes the large role of Andrey Telyatevsky as a commander of the rebel army as he inflicted a series of defeats to the troops of Tsar Vasily Shuysky and succeeded in turning the tide of the war in favor of the rebels after their defeats near Vyrki and Serebryanye Prudy. His victory near river Pchelnya was the most important one. The author refutes the fact of Telyatevsky’s possible transition to the side of Tsar Vasily Shuysky during the battle near river Vosma. The study also refines the data on the death of Andrey Telyatevsky. Through the example of Telyatevsky, the author seeks to reveal deeply and objectively the nature and characteristics of the Bolotnikov rebellion.


Key words: Prince Telyatevsky, the Bolotnikov rebellion, the Time of Troubles.


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