Bryukhova N. G., Podosyenova Yu. A., Krylasova N. B. Plotnikovskiy burial ground jewelry of rodanovskaya archaeological culture (on 2011-2013 materials) (.pdf)


The paper provides an overview of jewelry from the Plotnikovskiy burial ground which is one of the few burials of the 13th–15th centuries investigated in the territory of Perm Cis-Urals. The following categories of items are singled out among the Plotnikovskiy burial ground jewelry: pendants, stripes, beads, and rings. The composition of metal in each category of findings has been determined on the basis of X-ray fluorescence analysis; the main technique of the items’ manufacturing has been identified. It is concluded that the majority the Plotnikovskiy burial ground jewelry is dated back to the 13th-14th centuries. According to the origin, all items can be divided into three groups: the items of local origin; the items connected by their origin with Russian territory (the Novgorod antiquities); the items associated with the Bulgarian jewelry tradition. In comparison with the monuments of earlier times, new categories of items appear in the materials of the Plotnikovskiy burial ground (openwork pendants-paws, pendants-stripes, lunulas, medallions with ornithomorphic ornaments, etc.) made tin or tin-based alloy which were qualitatively new for the Perm Cis-Urals.


Key words: jewelry, Perm Cis-Urals, the Middle Ages, Rodanov archaeological culture.


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