Maystrenko D. A., Melnichuk A. F. Oralovskoe lake II – settlement at the turn of late bronze age and early Iron Age in Northern Kama region (.pdf)


The paper presents the materials from the excavations of the settlement Oralovskoe Lake II in Krasnovishersk district of Perm region. Chronologically homogeneous cultural layer belonging to the initial stage of the Early Iron Age in the northern Kama region (the late 10th-9th centuries BC) has been studied in the monument. During the excavation the remains of two small buildings of about 25 m² were found. The traces of brass casting production in the form of fragments of clay crucibles, molds and drops of colored metal were revealed. The ceramics complex presents the fragments of 20 vessels of pot shape. Its ornament consists of horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. One finding presents the ornament consisted of a cross print, and another one presents the ornament with reprints of cord. The transition from the neck of the vessel to its shoulder is ornamented with pits and pearls from the back side. Flint tools of the settlement Oralovskoe Lake II chronologically is the cleanest source for the study of flint industry of the Bronze Age and early Iron Age in the areas of the Northern Kama region. Stone industry of the settlement Oralovskoe Lake II has a lot in common with the final Bronze Age and early Iron Age monuments in the Pechora and Vychegda basins: the prevalence of sub-triangular scrapers, leaf-like bilaterally processed arrowheads, spearheads, combined tools, scrapers-knives, guns on plates, a variety of drills and borers, archaic incisive technique of making tools is present sporadically in the monuments of the Gamayun cultural circle. The monument is an important source for studying the formation of the Ananyino antiquities in the taiga zone of the Northern Kama region in the late 10th-9th centuries BC.


Key words: the Bronze Age, the Early Iron Age, Gamayun culture, Ananyino antiquities, ceramics, stone tools, non-ferrous metallurgy, Northern Kama region.


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