Mitriakov A. E. Bronze age settlement Simonikha I in the Udmurt Kama region (.pdf)


The paper analyzes a single-layer settlement Simonikha I of the middle Bronze Age in the Udmurt Kama region. More than 1000 potsherds and 133 flint objects were found on the area of 288 sq. m. Among them there are ceramic objects with a diameter of 9-38 cm, decorated in geometric style with horizontal streaks, triangles, rhombs, and stamp rows; shredded shell, chamotte, sand and its combinations were added to clay. The collection also contains a series of the fragments of flat bottoms of the vessels with a diameter of 6-14 cm. The ceramic collection of the settlement demonstrates a significant inner unity and originates from the East by being related to the Ural Cherkaskul culture. As to flint findings, they are not numerous and consist of arrows, scrapers and chisel-like objects. The author concludes that Simonikha I is an uncommon for the forest area of the Kama basin example of a single-layered site with a short time of existence, and its collection demonstrates cultural variety during rather small chronological period of the Bronze Age in the Kama region.


Key words: ceramics, flint, Bronze Age, Udmurt Kama region, Mezhov culture, Cherkaskul culture.


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