Kharina O. A. Role of intellectual heritage and ethno-culturalapproach in the works of Russell Kirk (.pdf)


The paper evaluates the main views of Russell Kirk, one of the most outstanding conservatives of the 20th century, on the formation of American culture. The emphasis is made on Kirk’s opinion on the role of tradition in shaping the US cultural identity, as well as on the role of an American order to ensure the freedom and identity of American people. The author examines the role and influence of multiculturalism on the formation of contemporary American society. Claims against multiculturalism and irreversible effect of immigration on American culture and the future of the country are becoming more common. Hasty innovation can damage as well as improve; therefore conservatives are prudent with changes and approach reform with caution rather than with zeal. The most significant Kirk’s views on American society’s moral and cultural foundations and the upcoming immigration reform are analyzed.


Key words: American conservatism, Russell Kirk, identity, multiculturalism, immigration, culture.


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