Melnichuk A. F., Chagin G. N. Views of Vladimir Oborin on the ethnogenesis of Komi Perm people and current status of its studies (.pdf)


The paper analyzes Vladimir Oborin’s views on the process of formation of the Komi Perm people in the Upper Kama region. In his works, Oborin developed the views of the archaeologist Mikhail Talitsky on ethno-cultural processes taking place in the region in the Middle Ages, as well as on the ethnic nature of the Upper Kama ancient cultures. Oborin noted the complexity and contradictions of the genesis of the Komi Perm people that involved various ethnic groups of alien population of Ugric and Turkic origin. The authors briefly consider the state of the studies of the ethnogenesis of the Komi Perm people in modern historiography.


Key words: Vladimir Oborin, ethnogenesis, the Rodanov culture, the Komi Perm people, the Upper Kama region.


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