Kornienko S. I. «The history of political agitation in the Kama Region» project: on the path of «Digital Political Science» (.pdf)


The paper examines the experience of creating a multidisciplinary source-oriented information system based on archival documents that reflect the post-Soviet pre-election campaign and propaganda in the Kama region. The author analyzes the main approaches, methods, tools and technologies, as well as the problems of the project. The comparison of the results with the basic features of Digital humanities and Digital Political Science enabled to show the commonality of the major trends in the process of informatization of the Humanities in Russia and abroad. In Digital Humanities, information support of science and education is an important objective of projects. With regard to Digital Political Science, it means creating new opportunities to support research and education at the level of data’s organization and visualization. As a result, for the first time in the region, a multidisciplinary source-based information resource, providing the digital representation of a thousand of documents and materials of pre-election campaign in the Kama region, was created.


Key words: Digital Humanities, Digital Political Science, Political Science, source-oriented information system, political agitation, sources, meta description.


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