Ovcharenko L. M. Teaching pottery in Kamyanets-Podilsky art and craft training studio, 1908–1914 (.pdf)


The process of teaching traditional pottery in Kamyanets-Podilsky art and craft training studio is analyzed for first time in the Ukrainian ceramology. The curriculum and its adoption to the pottery specialization of the studio are analyzed. The studio’s programs are compared to the ones used in the artistic educational institutions in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Myrgorod. The author states that the activity of the studio was aimed at preparing the specialists for pottery production who should produce traditional Ukrainian national ceramics as well as the goods of industrial production. An experimental work was a very important part of the studio’s activity and resulted in innovative recipes of molded masses, glazes and engobes. The studio’s activity was an inalienable part of educational process and helped pupils to get both theoretical knowledge and practical skills as they studied all the stages of pottery industry and produced many goods that corresponded with the handicraftsmen’ products. The studio’s head formed a serious material and technical base for the educational process and succeeded in creating the structure with united theoretical, practical, experimental and searching activities that helped to prepare good specialists for pottery industry.


Key words: Kamyanets-Podilsky art and craft training studio, pottery, technology of pottery industry, curriculum, study program, Nikolay Root.


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