Volgireva G. P. Pricing land at land management Permian farmers during the Stolypin reforms (.pdf)


The paper presents the documents concerning land valuation during the Stolypin reform. After the publication of “The Regulations on Land Management” on May 29th, 1911, the government tightened the requirements for land management work and started to name such a work as a “radical land management”. The Committee on Land Management Issues required land managers to conduct a thorough land valuation in order to determine the exact equivalent of the newly formed land plots and the compliance of their cost with the former land holdings. It was aimed at the equation of land of different quality for all the peasants. In Perm province, land valuation as a mandatory component of land management started only in 1913-1914. The peasants themselves made the valuation by taking into account all the nuances of soil fertility, the presence of bush or forests, remoteness, and, most importantly, the yield of the land. Perm land managers took into account all the features of local peasants’ assessment of land and identified two approaches to the valuation: on the actual ownership and on the cost of the accountant person. The analyzed documents reveal the uniqueness of the full respect of the Government to the peasants in the valuation of their own land.


Key words: land valuation, valuation journals, land management, peasant, land manager.


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