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History and Political Science. 2009. Issue 4 (11). [History]

Russian Orthodox Church and the Society

Belosludtseva V. V. Church school in system of an elementary education in Russia in second half XIX century

Lavrinov V. V. The policy of the Soviet state against Renovation movement in the Russian Orthodox Church during the Great Patriotic War (on the materials of the Urals)

Step towards the Future. Researches of the young Scholars

Gorina O. S. The process of proletarization of an art education in Perm region 1920 – the beginning of 1930th

Tolochko A. V. N. G. Fomin and Consolidation of the Russian Emigration in Shanghai

Ethnographic Expeditions

Novik А. А. Muslim Macedonians in Albania: Materials of the expedition in 2008

Lomonosov M. Yu., Rozhko V. O. Albanian (?) Chameria: the myths of elites and the reality of field

New Books

"Perm’s tselliniki, 1954–1964": archival publications

Obuhov L. A., Suslov M. G. Two related Documentary books "When we were young...": History of Perm Region in documents

Questions of High Education

Vershinina D. B. Political culture and ideology in the countries of the West: gender aspect. The program of a special course

Scientific Life

Ustyugova V. V. Notes on Kazan: Conference "Cultural Crossroads: Museum Memory: National and International Aspects"