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History and Political Science. 2010. Issue 1 (12). [History]

Problems of Studying of Early Societies

Lyakhin E. V. Ethnogenesis Alamanni

Pereskokov M. L. The basic results and problems of studying of monuments of the ending of the early Iron Age in Perm region

Social History of Russia

Vakhrameeva E. E. Foreign travelers’ stereotypes of perception of Muscovy state in seventeenth century

Volegov V. S. Provincial Official of Judicial Department on a Boundary of the XIX–XX centuries

History of the Soviet Industrialization

Makarova N. N. "They do not supply goods, they just jeer at us...": the Procurement System of Magnitogorsk in 1929–1935

Spasova L. P. Magnitostroi and Arthur G. McKee Co.: the Conflict of Business Cultures

Our Publications

Oborina E. A. "Proletarian" tourism 1920 – the middle of 1950th as the welfare phenomenon

From archival materials on History of "Proletarian" tourism


Korotkova M. N. The review of book "The Radical Critique of Liberalism: In Memory of a Vision" by Toula Nicolacoloulos

Smetanin A. V. From the East comes the light, or Professor Goody sense of guilt

Scientific Life

Alipov P. A., Sofjin D. M. All Russia Scientific Conference of Young Scientists, Post-Graduate Students and Students "Russia and World at the End of XIXth Century and at the Beginning of XXth Century", Perm, 2008–2010