The Wars of the first quarter of the twentieth Century in Russian History

Varzakov I. V. Problems of preparation of the officer contingent of the Russian army before the Russian-Japanese war

Obolonkova M. A. An episode in the history of the Great War as an element of the historical memory in Europe: The 1914 Christmas Truce

Tolochko A. V. Russian naval emigration in the 1920s on the fleet’s role in the Anti-Bolshevik struggle

Confessional aspects of the History of the Second World War

Danilec Yu. V. Vicarial activity of Bishop Vladimir (Rajic), on Transcarpathia the day before and in days of the Second World War

Koroljeva L. A., Koroljev A. A. The power and Moslems in the USSR in the Great Patriotic War (on materials of the Penza region)

Social History of the Urals (1940–1950s)

Surzhikova N. V. "A guilt presumption": processes over prisoners of war and interned in Stalin’s justice system of the end 1940 – the beginnings of 1950th

Obuchov L. A. A History of a correctional labor settlement (the Forest Correctional Labor Settlement № 6. The First Kuchino Period, 1946–1953)

Klimenskaya O. G. Some episodes from history of a cultural life of Perm within Great Patriotic War

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Chagin G. N. Refugees of the First World War in Cherdyn Region: history of resettlement, local integration, life after the war

Romashova M. V. Recollecting war: how children looked at "big" history

Alenchikova N. D. My wartime childhood

Mursalimov G. S. Childhoood, singed by the war


Jug St. G. A new look at the history of the front and rear

Rogers D. The patriotism of despair: the nation, war and the loss in Russia

Bushmakov А. V. The Stalin era in the new books Permian historians

Information Technologies in educational process

Gagarina D. A., Kornienko S. I. Theme "The Great Patriotic War" as a basis of historical information science study


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