Historical and Cultural Heritage of Traditional Societies

Ryazanova S. V. The Features of the Pantheon in Traditional Mythological systems

Domskiy M. V. "Song about Christ" in the History of the Biblical Epic of the Anglo-Saxons

Kolobov A. V. Rhine Limes and Old German Runes

Social and Political History of Modern and Contemporary Russia

Vakhrameeva E. E. Diplomacy Chancellery n the XVII century: the ways of Russia’s europeanization

Saphronova Ju. A. "Nihilist" – "Criminal" – "Dropout": the Images of a Terrorist and Their Perception of Russian Society, 1879–1881

Nemtsev I. A. The Formation of Pre-revolutionary Russian Conservatism and State Power

Kuznetsova L. A. Local Administration in the 1930–1950-s: Self-Government or Self-Will? (An Example of Resort Development)

Economic History of Russia

Ulyanov A. E. The Dynamics of Basic Breads Gathering in Peasants’ Economies of Samara Province, 1883–1915

Volgireva G. P. All-Russian Agricultural Periodic and "The Perm Journal of Land Development"

Dorozhkin A. G. German Participation in the Economy of Pre-revolutionary Russia in the Light of German Russistics of the Late XX – Early XXI Centuries

Modern and Contemporary History of Europe

Vershinina D. B. English Ladies’ Education and Manners in the XVIII–XIX Centuries

Alpatova G. M. "The Left March" of A. Bevan

For the Anniversary of The Perm Regional Museum

Merkusheva E. N. From Century to Century: For the 120th Anniversary of the Perm Regional Museum

Vostrikova T. P., Glazyrina Yu. V. The Museum of Perm Antiquities: Experience of the Museum Project

Our Publications

Yankovskaya G. A. Contemporary Art in Perm: Oral History


Leibovitch O. L. The Return of the Soviet Siberian City

Shmidt T. Z. Joint Learning Lessons

Academic Life

Lapteva M. P. Annual Conference of the Russian Society For Intellectual History

Chashukhin A. V., Romashova M. V. Conference "Anthropology of the Soviet School: Cultural Universals and Provincial Practices"


Melnichuk A. F., Chagin G. N. The Current State of "Ugric" Concept in the Light of Written and Onomastic Sources of Perm Region


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