Archeology of the Ural Region. For anniversary of the Kama Archeological Expedition

Goldina R. D. Archaeological School of Perm State University is 65 years old

Melnikova O. M., Chernykh E. M. The Role of the Kama Archeological Expedition of Perm State University in History of Regional Archeology

Serikov Yu. B. First Mesolithic Complexes on the River Sosva (Middle Trans-Urals)

Lychagina E. L. Problems of Сhronology of the Neolithic-Early Eneolithic of the Kama Region

Melnichuk A. F. Settlement Ust-Ocher I – Eneolithic Monument of the Okhansky Kama Region and problems of studying settlements in Novoilinskiy Cultural Centre

Pastushenko I. Yu. Hillfort "Strelka" – a monument of the early Middle Ages on the Middle Sylva

Golovchanskiy G. P., Melnichuk A. F., Rublev A. V., Skornyakova S. V. Chashkinskoe II settlement – unfortified largest monument of Rodanovo culture in the Upper Kama Region

Korenjuk S. N., Melnichuk A. F., Pereskokov M. L. Burial ritual of late part of Mokino burial ground in the Middle Kama Region (on archeological data of 1994)

Sarapulov A. N. Beginnings of Arable Farming on the Territory of Medieval Western Ural (on archaeological data)

Mokrushin V. P. Research of the Middle Ages big villages in the south-taiga Kama Region

Makarov E. Yu., Melnichuk A. F., Tretyakov D. V. New Medieval archaeological antiques near Chyormoz of Perm Krai

History of the Ural region

Korchagin P. A. Outline of Early History of Perm the Great: Permskiy and Vymskiy Princes

Chagin G. N. Birds and animals, gods and spirits of Bronze Art of the Riphean Mountains

Social history of family

Gritsay L. A. Life of a Russian family in late XIX – early XXth centuries in various social classes: historical and cultural aspect

Malakhova T. V. Woman’s status in family and society at Weimar Republic period

Intellectual history of the XX century

Prudnikov A. Yu. On History of Eurasian idea: S. S. Malevskiy-Malevich and his project of Russian government establishment

Lomonosov M. Yu. Albanian-Slavic Contacts: Crises, Historical Myths and Crises Production


Bushmakov A. V. Church revolution of 1917

Lapteva M. P. Interdisciplinarity as a methodological phenomenon

Academic Life

Novikova N. V. Women’s History and modern gender roles: III International conference RARWH


Belavin A. M., Ivanov V. A. On understanding existence of the Ugric problem in the Kama Region and the Cis-Ural Region


List of Contributors

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