Historical Information Science

Borodkin L. I., Garskova I. M. Historical Information Science: reboot?

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Zherebyatiev D. I. Interdisciplinary interaction in virtual reconstruction of the monastery complex

Shalygina D. L., Kulikov V. A. Propaganda poster of the Great Patriotic War as a means of Soviet identity formation

Dobreva M. Research methods of users of digital libraries: contemporary state and pros-pects

Yumasheva Ju. Yu. Future archives begin today

Intellectual History of Russia

Grekova O. V. Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich in Russian Historiography of Nikolai’s Time (1825–1855)

Kozminikh E. S. Political and legal views of John Stuart Mill in perception of liberals of "Herald of Europe"

Shneyder K. I. Political program of Russian liberals in the middle of the XIX century

Political History of Soviet Society

Reznik A. V. The 1923 opposition in RCP (b) on Perm materials

Glushaev A. L. Antireligious campaign of 1954: mobilization practice and daily life in the Molotov region

Vresk S. "Trojan horse" in socialist "camp": the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia in 1957–1958

Features of University Education History (to the jubilee of Perm University)

Yermoshko A. G. Change in social image of the studentship of Petrograd / Leningrad University in the first years of Soviet Power (1917–1925)

Obukhov L. A. Authorities and academics (from history of Perm University in 1917–1931)


Loukianov M. N. Russian elite and revolution of 1917

Leibovich O. L. "Fear is the restraint...": Image of time in Vladimir Shlapentokh’s theory

Academic Life

Klots A. R. 3rd International Social Science Summer School in the Ukraine «Soviet heritage, post-Soviet practice: politics, economy, daily life» (4–10 July 2011, Ostroh, Ukraine)


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