On the 150th anniversary of abolition of serfdom

Shneyder K. I. Peasant Question in Early Russian Liberalism (mid 1850 – mid 1860-s)

Plotnikova G. N. Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolayevich’s Diary as a source of history of serfdom abolition in Russia

Political History of Russia

Glushkov A. V. Historiography of the progressive nationalist faction of the IV State Duma convocation

Tarasov K. N. The problem of parity between state authority and society in I.A. Ilyin’s works in the context of sociopolitical doctrine of Russian conservatism

Dianov S. A. Glavlit bodies and spectacle censorship in the Ural in the 1922–1940-s

Suslov A. B. Dekulakization in Kama Region in January-March of 1930

Social aspects of military history

Podpryatov N. V. Characteristics of material welfare for military men of national units in Russia of the XVII-beginning XXth cc.

Khabibullina L. M. The Uniform of Fatherland or how color fastness of uniform baize was tested in piece-time

Surzhikova N. V. The First World War Prisoners in the Ural. On Reconstruction of collective portrait

Soviet society: social groups and practices

Khmelevskaya Yu. Yu. Mission is possible? The fight of American philanthropy with the first Soviet famine (on the 90th anniversary of operations of American Relief Administration in the Ural, 1921–1923)

Klots A. R. Domestic service as an object of historical study in English-speaking historiography of the second half of the XXth c.

Kuznetsova L. А. Resort vacation in the USSR: gender aspect

Ivanova A. S. Vneshposyltorg shops: hard currency trade in the USSR (1960–1980s)

Historical dynamics of Russian culture

Vakhrameeva E. E. Looking for "perfect education": Europeanism and Moscow educational trips to Europe in the XVIIth century

Ustyugova V. V. "Fin de siècle". The first cinema in Perm

Yankovskaya G. A. K. E. Voroshilov’s archive fund as a source of social history of Soviet fine arts

Romashova M. V. From history of animation to history of childhood in the USSR: formulating the problem

History of Great Britain

Kovalev I. G. Political struggle in the United Kingdom on the Life Peerages Act 1958

Vershinina D. B. British Anti-Americanism of the Early XXIth Century in European Context

Оn the jubilee of Perm University

Alenchikova N. D. From flophouse to University. History of the principle building of University campus in Perm (on the 160th anniversary of N. V. Meshkov)

Davidov M. I. The oldest medical department of Perm University (on the 90th anniversary of foundation)

Dadagraf (Panin S. V.) In people are my universities (notes from memory)


Kiryanov I. K., Obukhov L. A. New research on history of ethno-dispersive groups of Middle Ural peoples


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