Kertman L. E. A Letter to My Daughter

Kertman Lina. Daughter’s Memories

Kertman G. L. Son’s Memories

Rovnyi B. I. About the weather...

Obolonkova М. А. European Humanist in Perm

Andaeva R. G. My Teacher’s Lessons

Master-Class of Lev Efimovich Kertman

"Only culture history can answer this question": part of a lecture of L. E. Kertman

English Studies

Proskurnin B. М. Could a Historian Rely on a Novelist: on "The History of Henry Esmond" by W. M. Thackeray as a Historical Novel

Alpatova G. М. J. М. Keynes and New Liberalism in England

Rakhshmir P. Yu. Margaret Thatcher and American Conservatism

Vershinina D. B., Fadeeva L. А. Kertman’s Colouring of English Studies

Methodological Aspects of Historical Knowledge

Lapteva М. P. L. Kertman’s Intellectual Intuition

Leibovich О. L. Lev Kertman’s "Laws of Historical Events"

Interdisciplinary Research of Cultural History

Narsky I. V. Russian Intellectuals as Missionaries: instrumentalisation of concept "culture" by Liberal Opposition in Russia in XIX – beginning of ХХ centuries

Selyaninova G. D. G. V. Vernadsky in Perm University: 1917–1918

Tsfasman А. B. Historian and Vozhd: everyday life and academic collisions in the life of an academician E. V. Tarle in Stalin regime

Fadeeva L. А. Who are we? Intelligentsia Reflections in Perestroika Period

Abashev V. V., Abasheva М. P. Literature and Geography: The Urals in Russia Geopoetics

Yankovskaya G. А. Molotov Cocktail for Traumatized Society

Zolotykh V. R. The USA: Conservative Approaches to the Immigration Issue: Ethnocultural Aspect




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