Interdisciplinary study of history and culture

Ryazanova S. V. The Role of Archetypes’ Theory in the Analyses of Myth

Korchagin P. A. Essays on the Great Perm’s Early History

Ethnical and cultural processes in the history of Russian regions

Fathutdinova A. I., Kamaleev E. V. Tatars’ Tradition of Borondok in the North-Eastern Part of Bashkortostan

Chernykh A. V. Latvian Hamlets of Perm Kama Region: Formation and Features of Traditional Culture

Tekeeva L. K. The Cult of Wolf in Traditional Consepts of Turkic-Speaking Peoples of the Northern Caucasus

Gender aspects of Russian history

Mukhina Z. Z., Pushkareva N. L. Women and Feminine Features in Traditional Russian Sexual Culture (Before and After "The Great Reforms" of XIX century)

Kradetskaya S. V. Journal "Women’s Union" (1907-1909): History of Publication and Main Peculiarities

Vershinina D. B. Women’s History and Modern Gender Roles: V International Conference of RARWH

Institutions of supervision and control in the Russian Empire

Ryazanov S. M. The Village Constables of Perm Uezd (1878−1917): Institutional, Social and Personal Aspects

Stroeva A. A. The Making of State Control of the Media’s System in the Central Black Earth Region during the Period of the Provisional Government (March – October 1917)

The Power and Soviet society

Yudin K. A. The Situation with Internal Party Control in the USSR in November 1938 – June 1939 (Based on the Material from the Upper Volga Region)

Imangalieva A. M. Trade Union’s Control of Food Supply of Workers and Employees in Stalingrad Region in 1943 - Early 1950s

Kimerling A. S. Peculiarities of Soviet Provincial Corruption in 1946-1953 (Based on Molotov Oblast’s Sources)

Political thought and activism

Rakhshmir P. Yu. Philadelphian Sovereignty against Global Governance

Myazin N. A. The British National Party: Questioning Transformation of Neo-Fascist Ideology in Contemporary Britain

Historiography and sources of Russian history

Gnoevyh A. V. The Decembrist Movement in the Journal "Russian Wealth" at the Turn of XIX-XX centuries

Mitrofanov V. V. S. F. Platonov’s Comments on A. A. Savich’s Academic Work

Surzhikova N. V., Mikhalev N. A., P’yankov S. A. Russian Refugeedom of 1914-1922 in the Contexts of the Latest Native and Foreign Historiographies

Tarasov K. N. In Search for the Optimal Model of People’s Representation in Post-Revolutionary Conservative Thought of Russian Emigration

Metel O. V. The Issue of Christianity’s Origin in Soviet Historiography of the 1940s: the Interaction of "Old" and "New" Classics

Romashova M. V. Entertaining Studying of Primary Sources: History of Childhood


Glushkov A. V. External Enemy - Internal Enemy: the First World War and Russian Nationalism

Loukjanov M. N. A Historian: Mission and Profession

Our publications

Veber M. I. "An order is an order and Kolchak is Kolchak, but a face is a face": the Letter written by the priest Boris Serebryakov

Sofjin D. M. "I’m busy awfully – right there is no free minute...": Letters by Grand Prince Sergey Alexandrovich to Grand Prince Konstantin Konstantinovich, 1891–1905




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