Archaeological studies

Kotov V. G. The lower paleolithic site-workshop Kyzyl-Yar 2 in the Southern Transurals

Lychagina E. L., Tsygvintseva T. A. A comparative analysis of Early Neolithic Perm cultures

Sotnikova S. V. About the renunciation of the twin cult in the andronovsky burial ritual

Chemyakin Yu. P. Anthropomorphic clay figurines of Beloyarsk culture

Patrushev V. S. The roots of the Volga Finns’ economy in the Bronze Age and the Iron Age

Pereskokov M. L. The territory and local variants of the late stage of the Glyadenovskaya culture in Perm Kama region

Korenyuk S. N., Maystrenko D. A. Housing and fortification of the early Ananyino fortified settlement in Vasyukovskoe in the northern Perm Kama region

Ovsyannikov V. V. To the question of the origin of the plot "a bear in sacrificial posture" in Perm animal style

Gorshkova N. S. Sinderurgy complex of the first half of II millenium a.d. through the example of Anyushkar settlement

Krylasova N. B. Chronological specificity of material culture of X-XI centuries (based on the findings from the Rozhdestvensky burial ground in Perm region)

Rudenko K. A., Shutova N. I. The history of archaeological studies of Arsk district in the republic of Tatarstan

Modern history of Russia

Kulikova E. E. The Europeanization of Moscow troops in the XVII century: the transfer of Dutch military model’s education practices

Kortunov A. I. Features of the bashkirs’ transition to the structure of the Yaitsky (Ural) and the Orenburg Cossack hosts (XVIII-XIX centuries)

Zharkov Yu. A. The category of clergymen in Russia in parish system in the late XIX - early XX centuries

Russian conservatism

Nemtsev I. А. The transformation of Slavophilism and the autocratic state in the 1860-1870s

Ipatov A. M. The personality and policy of Otto von Bismarck in the assessments oh the Russian empire’s conservative press

Historical experience of local government

Domovitova P. Ya. The institutionslixation of local government in Kolchak’s system of government (based on Perm province’s sources)

Teterin V. I. The reflection of the Perm zemstvo’s political position in "Perm zemstvo week" (february 1917 - march 1918)

History of Soviet society

Koldushko A. A. The case of a сounter-revolutionary organization: the implementation of the kulak operation in the Komi-Perm district in the 1930s

Ryapusova D. N. "What will comrade Bolshakov show us today?": post-war problems of the Ural cinema distribution in the context of the Stalinist cinema policy

Fokin A. A. Public Policy as an interpretive model of the history of the USSR

Problems of history and methodology of historical knowledge

Ermolaev V. Yu. Was L. N. Gumilev a disciple of P. N. Savitsky? (based on L. N. Gumilev’s Letters, 1956-1961)

Matveev S. R. An expropriated certificate on inconclusive piece of paper

Our publications

Bader O. N., Kalinina I. V. The Cultural complexes of the Levshino site near Perm


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