The Ural History

Chagin G. N. Ethnic Situation in the Basin of the Sylva and the Iren in the XVII-XVIII Centuries in the context of the Ural Ethnic Pattern’s formation

Chernoukhov E. A. The physicians of the Ural state mining factories in the first half of the XIX century

Larionova M. B. The noblemen of the Perm province in the XVIII – early XX centuries: quantity, composition, land property

Trushkova I. Yu. The economic history of Stolypin’s immigrants to the Northern Vyatka region in the early XX century

Source Studies

Mehamadiev E. A. The military unit Cimbriani, count Boniface and the Vandal invasion of North Africa: to the question of the dating of the Notitia Dignitatum’s Western list

Yumasheva Yu. Yu. The description standards of the historical and cultural heritage objects in databases: problems of sources

Soviet Conformism and "Leftist Idea"

Kruglova T. A. The "leftist idea" in art: resistance or conformism?

Litovskaya M. A. The cynicism of today’s youth is just incredible: a case of Valentin Kataev

Savkina I. L. "For people like him beliefs are not necessary" (left/right, ideology and culture in Korney Chukovsky's diaries of the 1920s)

Ilchenko M. S. Soviet arshitects and power institutions in the 1930s – 1950s: strategies of interaction

Kraeva T. V. French left intellectuals and the Soviet Union: mechanisms of interaction and literary contacts in the 1920s and mid-1930s

History of Soviet Childhood

Romashova M. V. Children and phenomenon of childhood in Russian history: contemporary research, discussions and events

Lyarskiy A. B. School handwritten journals and newspapers of the late XIX – early XX centuries as a factor of socialization

Rozhkov А. Yu. "I want to be a movie actress": reflections on one pioneer discussion (1929)

Dimke D. V. Summer work camps for schoolchildren of the early 1960s as enclaves of soviet idealism

Lyashok A. S. "Children of Perestroika": life-worlds of schoolchildren in the 1980-1990s

"The Soviet" and Projects of Modernity

Klotz A. R., Kuznetsova L. А., Reznik A. V. International conference "Projects of modernity: constructing ‘the Soviet’ in European perspective" (24-26 june 2013, Perm)

Shabalin V. V. "Hassle" as a way of regional elite’ self-control in the 1920s


Surzhikova N. V. Russian captivity of 1914-1922 in the newest Russian historiography: contexts, constructs, stereotypes

Abashev V. V., Abasheva M. P. History of the Urals in the history of literature

In memorian

Plotnikova G. N., Plotnikov S. N. Academic, educator, tutor. To the 100th anniversary of Mikhail I. Chernysh


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