History. 2018. Issue 3 (42)

Communicative Aspects of Scientific Knowledge

Gavrilov S. V. Russian Historian Vasily Semevsky and the Free Economic Society

Khudzik S. Yu. "Scientific" History and "Educational" Examples. The Discussions on Historical Truth at the Leningrad Istpart "Reminiscence Evenings" in the Second Half of the 1920s

Nagornaia O. S. Academic Cooperation and Educational Contacts in the System of the Soviet Cultural Diplomacy of the "Cold War" Epoch (1945–1990)

"National issue" as a Factor in the History of Countries and Regions

Bulakhtin М. А. "The Abduction of Souls": Ukrainization of Poles in Eastern Galicia in the Second Polish Republic

Tyurin A. S. "Gypsy Problem" in the Activities of the Chamber of State Properties in the Nizhny Novgorod Province (1839–1866)

Gerasimova V. A. Is Siberia Tolerant? To the Question of the Attitude to jews in Western Siberia in the Pre-revolutionary Period

Kamenskih M. S. Jewish Commissariat and Jews in Public Life of Perm Region in 1918 (On Archival Materials)

Intellectual Agenda in the Inter-War Period: About Wars and Empires

Munz V. A. Science and Lifeworld. Wittgenstein and His Time

Pertsev A. V. Imperial and Private Portraits of Ludwig Wittgenstein

Menshikov A. S. Metaphysics and Genealogy: World War One in the Assessment of Philosophers and Literators

Cherepanova E. S. The Notion of Cultural Topos: Methodological Potential for Studying Post-imperial Situation of the Interwar Period

The Soviet Society

Perova M. A. Space of Children's Daily Life of the Soviet Russia of the 1920s-1930s (On the Example of Kurgan and Shadrinsk Districts)

Ablazhey N. N. Re-Emigration Programme of the USSR in the Second Half of the 1940s

Chudinova M. M. Aristocratism in the Soviet Style, or Weddings Photos Through Historical and Anthropological Lenses

New Research on History

Loukianov M. N. Russian Radical Right on the Eve of The Great War as Seen by the British Historian: Notes on “The Radical RIght in Late Imperial Russia: Dreams of a True Fatherland?” by George Gilbert (London; New York: Routledge, 2016)

Mikhalev N. A., Surzhikova N. V. Energy Fraction, “Moral Dystrophy” and Lend-Lease: a New Perspective on the Food Situation in the USSR of 1941–1945

To the Jubilee of Igor K. Kiryanov

To the Jubilee of Igor K. Kiryanov

Kulikov S. V., Nikolaev A. B. Parliamentary History of the early 20th Century Russia in the Works of Igor K. Kiryanov

Aleynikov A. A., Aleynikova N. I., Chagin G. N. Forest Areas of Historical Significance in the Northwest of the Perm Krai: Features of Detection and Preservation


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