History of European Countries and Regions

Mekhamadiev Е. А. Dalmatius the Junior, a Nephew of Emperor Constantine I the Great and the Lower Danube frontier of the Roman Empire in 335–337: a military aspect of problem

Guimon T. V. Documental Writing in a 13th-century Flemish Abbey (a review of two Pavel Gabdrakhmanov’s books)

Filatova N. V. Protestant Culture and Witch-hunt in Scotland: around the image of Evil

Timchenko K. V. The Parliament in Borgo: from idea to reality

Tsyganova I. V. Prince Аlbert and Preparation of the First World Industrial Exhibition in London

Adamov D. P. British Political Elite in the Search of a New Party System, 1922–1924

The Political Crisis in Russia in the 1870s

Spitsina E. V. "Heretics" and "Politics": revolutionary constitutionalism in Russia at the turn of the 1870s and 1880s

Safronova Ju. A. Involvement in the Political: Revolutionary populism of the 1870s as a Community of Readers

Rubtsov A. A. Social networks of Russian revolutionary populism of the 1870s in investigative materials

Social History of the Russian Empire

Zakharov A. V. Komnatnye stol’niki of Peter the Great: reconstruction of the group and prosopography

Sapozhnikova G. N. Acts of the Moscow Princes of the 14th – 16th centuries in historical and philological science of St. Petersburg and Moscow in the late 19th and early 20th century

Volgireva G. P. Concept of "Land Management" in the evaluation of contemporaries (1906–1917)

Dolidovich O. M. "Acrobats of Charity": involvement of children in social work during World War I (on the Krasnoyarsk materials)

The Soviet Century

Ryazanova S. V. The Kama Region during the Period of Renovation Reforms: the choice between tradition and innovation

Metel O. V. From "The Hotbed of the Socialist ideas" to "The Instrument of the Socialist reconstruction": main stages of the evolution of the communist academy

Smetanin A. V. "Director’s funds" at the Soviet enterprises (1946–1964): resource of the transformation of social order

Intellectual History

Yankovskaya G. A. At Home among Strangers, a Stranger at Home. Cultural conservatism of T.S. Eliot

Petushkova D. A. History of intellectuals in French historiography: a conflict of interpretations and the new perspectives


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