Archaeology of the Urals and Volga Region

Kosintsev P. A., Kotov V. G., Panteleev A. V., Yakovlev A. G. Use of limestone raw materials in the Ural Upper Palaeolithic based on the materials of the cave Balatukai site

Serikov Yu. B. Biconical arrowheads from the cave sacred place on the stone Dirovatiy (the Chusovaya river, Middle Urals)

Lychagina E. L., Batueva N. S. Neolithic and chalcolithic comb ware pottery in the Chashkinskoe lake region: results of investigations

Vasilyeva A. V., Mingalev V. V., Pereskokov M. L. Complex of the Glyadenovo buildings at Mokinsky I settlement-burial in the context of the development of the Kama region housebuilding

Kazantseva О. А. Grivnas of the Tulva basin population in the 1st-5th centuries (based on the materials of burial grounds)

Matveeva N. P., Zelenkov A. S. About West Siberian invasions to the trans-urals in the migration period

Belyavskaya O. S. BElt garniture and Yugomashev burial chronology

Golovchanskiy G. P., Melnichuk A. F. Christian symbolics in Medieval archaeological antiquities of the Perm Ural

Aspects of Modern Russian History

Belova N. A. Disfavor and exile of the Romanov boyars in the early 17th century: the experience of historiographic understanding

Plate A. The upper summary court of Yekaterinburg: organisation and functioning in 1781–1797

Shishkina E. V. Legislative regulation of the activities of old be-lievers schools in the Russian empire in 1905─1917 (on the materials of the ural region)

Chernykh A. V. The Kalderash roma in Russia in the second half of the 19th and early 20th centuries

Symbolical and Political in 1917

Ustyugova V. V. Cultural leisure during the revolution: Perm, 1917

Kiryanov I. K. Vestimentary codes of power in the Russian revolution of 1917–1921

Communications of the Soviet Time

Rakov T. N. Zapiski from district party conferences as a reflection of the political moods of leningrad communists in 1925

Habibrahmanova O. A. Transformation of professional space and the position of the scientific intelligentsia of Tatarstan in the 1920s

Chashchukhin A. V. Political communication and public authorities in the "workers’ questions" of the 1940s

Piskunov M. O. Perestroyka and industrial democracy in the ussr: the labor collective of Vyborg pulp and paper plant in 1987-1989

To the Jubilee of Mikhail N. Loukianov

To the Jubilee of Mikhail N. Loukianov


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