100th anniversary of Lev Kertman

Memory in personal dimension

Kertman L. L. Memoirs of the daughter

Lapteva M. P. The ABC of my memories

Tsfasman A. B. “I'm cleaning myself under Kertman” (episodes of the memory of post-graduate years)

Krom M. M. In memory of Victor Moiseevich Paneyakh

Intellectuals: corporate practices and symbolic representations

Alevras N. N. Status of dissertation and normative bases of opponency in Russian legislation of the 19th century

Obolonkova M. A. The image of the British among Russian intellectuals: representations during the First World war

Narskiy I. V. Lotman’s school: European intellectuals on the Soviet soil

Shneider K. I. Liberalism in Russia: history of the genesis of national liberal tradition

Bulakhtin М. А. History of Ukraine and the Ukrainian issue in the interpretation of Polish politician Stanisłav Głąbiński in the early 20th century

Soviet society in modern contexts

Kazankov A. I., Leibovich O. L. Understanding the daily life: the heuristic potential of the concept in the studies of the Soviet era

Abashev V. V. The language of domestic squabble: desacralizing the Soviet art in Ivan Shevtsov`s novel Tlya (1964)

History of foreign countries: personalities and “big” ideologies

Loshkareva M. E. Prince of Wales Owain Glyndwr

Sokov I. A. Genesis of Canadian political culture in the interwar period of the 20th century

Shapovalov M. S. Mark Sykes, Britain and the middle east front in 1916

Sorokin A. N. Conrad Adenauer and the German question in German historiography

Kovalev I. G. The fall of the New Labour and the revival of the Conservatives in the UK in the early 21st сentury

Zolotykh V. R. Neoconservative approaches to school education reform in the USA: political and socio-cultural aspects

New publications

Meerovich M. G. Soviet industrialization and the GULAG. Berdinskikh, V.A. & V.I. Men'kovskiy (2017), The GULAG: ideology and economy of forced labour in the 20th century, Institute of language, literature and history, Komi Science Centre, Ural branch, RAS, Syktyvkar, Russia, 132 p.


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