Debatable Questions of History of the Urals

Korchagin P. A. Legendary Anfalovsky town. Was there a town?

Obukhov L. A. Periodicals as a source on the history of the 1917

Timkin Y. N. Bolshevik organizations of the Vyatka province in spring and autumn of 1917: a new reading of sources

Exclusiveness of the Excluded

Pogorelov M. A. Psychiatry, hereditarianism and mental illness: the politics of “socially dangerous” exclusion in Late Imperial Moscow

Hovhannisyan E. H. ‘Exorcism of cultural otherness’: social integration and economic survival of the refugees in post-soviet Armenia

History of Art as Public History

Gayduk V. L. Vsevolod Meyerhold’s views on the soviet theatre

Berezina E. S. “Who are we, craftmen or artists?” debates on arts and crafts in the 1920s and 1930s

Ignatieva O. V. Pavel Tretyakov and VLadimir Stasov: dialogue on the nature of national art

Piskunova L. P., Starostova L. E., Yankov I. V. Recontextualization of architectural heritage of the soviet avant-garde: exhibition project “Sverdlovsk Villages: from architectural project to social experience”

The Insides of the Soviet Ideology

Nemchenko L. М. Mobilization: from peace to war (features of filmed propaganda in the newsreel “Soviet Art” and documentary Film “Ural forges victory”)

Artemov A. V. Ideology of renewal in Mikhail Gorbachev’s rhetoric as an basic element of the Perestroika image (on the example of preparing a speech at the February Plenum of the CPSU Central Committee in 1988)

History of Asia

Ganiev R. T. The uprising of the eastern turks and the Tang dynasty in 679–690

Maslyuzhenko D. N. Power elite of the Tyumen and Sibir khanates: its structure and functions

History of Europe

Prazdnikov A. G. The social structure of the participants of the St. Albans battle, 22 may of 1455

Kuklina A. S. Cyclicity of diplomatic contacts at the birth of the relations between Russia and Spain

Tereshchuk A. A. Tomas De Zumalacarregui and his role in the First Carlist war (1833–1840)

Our Publications

Ryazanov S. M. Extracts from the service diary of the village constable Vasily Oschepkov (April and May of 1906)

Mitrofanov V. V. On the failed lectures of Sergey Platonov at Perm University


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