Archaeology and Ethnography

Shirokov V. N. Images of unrreal creatures in Ural caves as evidence of the Ice age mythology

Mitroshin E. N., Lychagina E. L., Poplevko G. N. Comprehensive analysis of lithic inventory of the Ogurdino settlement

Karmanov V. N. New data on the housebuilding of populaton of the far North-Eastern Europe in early Metal age

Koksharov S. F., Pogodin A. A. Lithic objects of the Bronze age from the Geologicheskoe XVI settlement

Matveeva N. P. Fortifications of the Staro-Lybaevskoye-1 settlement in the forest-steppe Trans-Urals

Patrushev V. S. "Textile" ceramics of the Early Iron age in the Ardino settlement

Kazantseva О. А. Metallic "crooked scythes" in Kudashevskiy I burial ground

Pereskokov M. L. Mound with military burial of V century from the Kala-Uryn cemetary

Zelenkov A. S. Features of pottery as an indicator of Ural-Siberian population interaction in early Middle Ages

Belavin A. M., Krylasova N. B., Podosenova Y. A. The "hungarian type" sabretache plates from the Volga-Kama region

Golovchansky G. P., Melnichuk A. F., Tretyakov D. V. On the correlation of the Glyadenovo bone bed sanctuary (4th century BC – 4th century AD) and the idol sanctuary from the hagiography of Tryphon of Vyatka (the second half of 16th century)

Migration and intercultural contacts

Menshchikov V. V., Pertsev N. V. Novgorod expansion to the east in XII-XV centuries

Prokhorov D. A. History of contacts between karaite communities of Crimea and western provinces of the Russian empire in the late 18th – middle of the 19th centuries (according to the documents of the state archive of the republic of Crimea)

Transfer of ideas

Petrikov K. A. The idea of economic society in 18th century Europe and Russia

The Parliamentary History of the Russian Empire

Sedova Ya. A. Liberal trend in the amendments made by the State Duma to Pyotr Stolypin’s ministry bills

Nekrasov N. V. Brawler and provocateur: the activities of Sergey Kelepovsky in the second State Duma

Kiryanov I. K., Kornienko S. I., Gagarina D. A., Sotnik A. V. Deputies with the repeated parliamentary status in late imperial Russia: a case study of the State Duma of the 4th convocation, 1912–1917

Interdisciplinary Studies

Romashova М. V. World history of aging: from antiquity to modernity


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