History of foreign countries

Adamov D. P. The liberal party in british political system, 1918-1924: decline and survival

Ilyin D. V. The conservative approach to the containment of communism: foreign policy views of senator Robert Taft

The Russian empire elites: models of authority and communication

Zakharov A. V. Literacy of the courtiers in the epoch of Peter I

Faizov A. V. The Governing Senate in 1730–1741: the powers and competencies

Timofeev D. V. Applying of the concept of “freedom” in Russia of the early 19th century

The power of images VS images of power

Ustyugova V. V. Social History of the Art Nouveau style on the example of Russian city at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries

Volkova I. V. The Union of Thucydides with Herodotus: history course in pre-war soviet school and its impact on front generation

Ryapusova D. N. The dream of the diamond city: cinema representation of the Urals during post-war years

Timofeev M. Yu. Monumental image of the Motherland in the politics of memory in contemporary Russia

The Soviet society: social contracts and oppositions

Kisser T. S. Ivan Kronevald and national movement of the soviet germans'

Kimerling A. S. The 1946 Elections to the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union in the Molotov region as an example of the mobilization political campaign

Klinova M. A. “Under the Soviet rule, there should be no bourgeoisie!”: judgments of the Ural population on аbuses of authorities (based on the letters and complaints (1964-1982))

The Orthodox Church in the past and present

Shevkun P. V. The Orthodox church on the territory of Northwestern provinces of the Russian Empire: features of communication (late 18th–early 20th centuries)

Dobrokhotova М. А. The role of the Orthodox press in the inclusion of “The Bases of orthodox culture” into the school curriculum in the 1990s and 2000s

Problems of source studies: texts and contexts

Solodkin Ya. G. On history of creating the Siberian Chronicle of senior edition (on main types of the sources of "Kniga zapisnaya")

Kozhyshko A. V. Al-Nuwayri and his metods of work with sources (on the base of the reports onthe qara-khitais and the mongols of Genghis Khan’s era)


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