History of European Empires

Chernyshov L. V. The cult of Hercules-Magusanus and the construction of Batavian identity

Mekhamadiev E. A. Arabic historians and geographers of IX and X centuries on Byzantine military landholding: problems of interpretation

Russia of XVIII – early XX centuries: institutions and practices

Evtekhov R. A., Malygina O. A. City police in the system of government institutions of Trans-baikal region in XVIII – early XX century

Zharova E. Yu. On entrance exams to the Russian Empire universities in the second half of XIX – early XX centuries

Intellectual History of Russia

Medovarov M. V. The attempt of the renewal of the “Russkoe Obozrenie” journal as viewed by Lev Tikhomirov and the miss Piramidova affair

Shneider K. I. Early Russian liberalism in national intellectual tradition: the experience of generalization

Gruzdinskaya V. S., Korzun V. P. The first historiographical discussion in the USSR: problem of the Soviet historical science Periodization in the interior of communicative space

Zelyak V. G., Pustovoyt G. A. Methodological approaches to the Dal`stroi studies

The “Long” Revolution of 1917

Veber M. I., Lebedenko E.Yu., Surzhikova N.V. «Damned Petrograd», «absolute anarchy» and «civil darkness»: Russia of 1917 in contemporaries’ private correspondence

Mikhalev N. A., P’yankov S. A. «Army foundations got loose completely»: the year of 1917 in Felix Moroz’s memoirs

Problems of Russian military history

Badikov R. A. The Chelyabinsk operation of 1919 in military biography of Heinrich Eiche, a divisional commander of the Red army

Gazieva L. L. Problems and contradictions in organizing re-evacuation of the Leningrad children in 1944–1945

Kabatskov A. N. Images of war according to the diaries of Alexander Dmitriev, 1942–1944

Confessional History of Russia and Eastern Europe

Bulakhtin М. А. Polish-ukrainian dispute on territorial allegiance of the Kholm region at the final stage of World War I (from correspondence of the Polish episcopate with Vatican)

Godlevskiy N. P. The episcopate of East Ukrainian dioceses in reports of the commissioners for the Russian orthodox church in 1958–1962

Glushaev A. L., Glushaeva S. V. «They are coming to pray without prior arrangement…»: evangelic communities in Perm region in the early 1960s

Gender Studies

Vershinina D. B. Intersection of discrimination in the United Kingdom of the late XX and early XXI centuries: historical context and theoretical approaches


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