History in public space

Isaev E. M. Public history in Russia: academic and educational context of the formation of a new interdisciplinary field

Čepaitienė R. Strategies and problems of safeguarding the heritage of totalitarian regimes

Gaidai A. Ju., Liubaretc A. V. Leninfall: elimination of the past as a way of constructing the future (On the materials of Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye and Kharkov)

Combatants in Russian history

Dmitriev A. V. Officers of the field troops of the Siberian corps in the late XVIII century

Poperechnaia A. D. Problems of discipline in ethnic units of the Russian army in 1914 – early 1917

Tikhonov A. V. Сonditions of detention of foreign prisoners during the First world war on the example of the Kaluga and Tula provinces

War and the Russian society

Arkhangelskaya L. V. Women's secondary schools during the First world war (the Рerm province example)

Tiagur M. I. Leningrad during the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939–1940: Transformation of everyday life and economy of the city

Varekhina A. N. Organization of food supply of the Ural orphanages during the Great Patriotic war

Social history of academic knowledge

Pinaeva D. A. Activities of Scientific Engineering and Technical Societies in stimulating invention and rationalization in the Tatar Republic in the late 1940s – early 1950s

Tikhonov V. V. For the first time after Stalin: historians and elections to The Academy of Sciences of the USSR in 1953

History of the Russian Orthodox Church

Shapovalov M. S. School affairs in the context of spiritual competition in the Holy land in the late XIX century (on materials of the office of ober-procurator of the Holy synod)

Marchenko A. N., Marchenko N. A. Patriotic activity of the orthodox clergy of Perm kama region during the Great Patriotic war (based on telegrams to Joseph Stalin)

History of foreign countries

Gekht A. B. To the question of negotiations of Finland and the Nordic countries leadership in Stockholm on 18-19 october 1939 and its consequences for Sweden

History of historical knowledge

Chagin G. N. Stereotypes of character and behavior of the Northern Ural Russian population in the opinion of the researchers of the second half of XIX – early XX centuries

Grekova O. V., Shneider K. I. The reign of Alexei Mikhailovich in Russian historiography of the second quarter of the XIX century

New books in history

Loukianov M. N. A Conservative, Revolution and Status Quo

Nagornaia O. S., Nikonova O.Yu. Review: Foerster, Horst; Herzberg Julia; Zueckert, Martin (ed.) Environmental History(ies). East-Central Europe from industrialization to post-socialism. Goettingen: Vandenhoeck&Ruprecht, 2013. 346 S.


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