Archaeology and Ethnography

Lychagina E. L., Mitroshin E. N., Batueva N. S., Poplevko G. N. Neolithic complex of the site Chashkinskoe lake IX

Mosin V. S. Sociocultural space in the late stone age

Belavin A. M., Krylasova N. B. On the problem of periodization of medieval archaeological cultures in the Perm cis-urals

Goldobin A. V., Melnichuk A. F., Pereskokov M. L., Churilov E. V. Early medieval sacrificial place of the Ust-Sylva settlement

Dinikeeva Ju. G. Traditional treatments of childhood diseases (based on the ethnographic material collected among the russian population of Bashkortostan)

History of European countries

Kaipova E. G. Reflection of burgher religiousness in the doctrines of Cathar and Waldensian heretical movements in France and Germany of XII – early XIV centuries (on the base of Catholic sources)

Kosintsev Yu. G. Vasily Dolgorukov’s Struggle for the Return of Denmark to the northern alliance in 1709

Regions of Russia in XVII – XVIII centuries

Butrin E. S. Relations between the shuya and suzdal authorities in XVII century

Samigulov G. Kh. Towards the study of historical geography in the Iset’ and Pyshma areas in XVII century

Kurlaev E. A. Vasily Tatishchev and Johann Blucher’s activity on revival of copper smelting in the Kungur district

World War I

Bulakhtin М. А. Lithuanian-byelorussian lands in polish political plans during World War I

Suryaev V. N. German propaganda as a means of coercing Russia to a separate peace (1915–1917)

Prisoners and refugees in Russian history

Surzhikova N. V. Refugee problem in conflicts and compromises be-tween Russia’s authorities and public organizations during World War I (оn the materials of periodical press)

Perevoshchikov D. V. Construction and production activities of foreign prisoners of war in Izhevsk, 1945–1948

The Soviet society

Kazankov A. I. «I photographed churches, priests, railwaymen…»: daily life of a village marginal in the first half of XX century

Historical heritage and «useful past»

Čepaitienė R. Heritage in the (post)society: dissonance, conflict, or search for agreement?

Khmelevskaya Ju. Yu. Historians and the «Usable Past»: on disciplinary limitations and disciplining functions of history in contemporary society

Teaching history in high school

Smirnova N. V. Japanese classical literature in Nikolay Konrad's translations and research as part of the lecture course «History of medieval Asia and Africa»

To the 100th anniversary of Perm University

Romashova M. V., Tararukhina E. S. «My dear fellow, you must understand that without work, without much troubles and problems, I am not used to live and I can not!» (Letters of Nikolay Meshkov to Ekaterina Bazhinа (Meshkova), 1914 – 1927)


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