History of the Kama Region

Zherebtsova E. A. Some aspects of appropriating economy in Perm region of cis-urals in VII–XV centuries

Goleva T. G. Meteorological magic of Komi-Permyaks. Occasional ways of influencing the weather

History of Modern Russia

Abanin A. V. Prince Andrey Telyatevsky: role of personality in the Bolotnikov rebellion during the time of Troubles

Kiselev M. A. Creation of Berg-manufaktur-collegium in 1718

Source Study in Russian History

Kustova E. V. Monk bulletins of 1724 as a historical source: information potential and degree of reliability

Mitsyuk N. A. Parent diary as an important source for representing family, motherhood and childhood history in pre-revolutionary Russia

Lebedenko E. Yu. Reading through the pages of Ural merchants’ family correspondence: children’s letters of the Nassonov family from perm province of the early ХХ century

Mitina R. V. Perm newspapers as a source for the study of World War one: post-soviet historiography

Tupchiienko-Kadyrova L. G. Structural method of researching and prresenting sources (on the example of the letters of musicians of 1942–1943)

Social History of Russia

Arkhangelskaya L. V. Establishment of girls’ upper secondary education in Perm province (second half of XIX – early XX centuries)

Kazakova-Apkarimova E. Yu. Professional associations and unions in Ural cities during the revolution of 1905-1907

Ryazanov S. M. Poles in the Police service of Perm province (late XIX – early XX centuries)

Egorov D. V. Historical portrait of volost judge

Aleksandrova S. S. The Workers and the аdministration of Tentelevskii сhemical рlant in Petrograd in 1917

History of Historical Knowledge

Slivkov E. I. The ethical aspect in M. I. Tugan-Baranovsky's creative activity. The historiography of the problem

Melnikova O. M., Romanova E. N. Finno-ugric themes in the activity of North-East archeological and ethnographical institute in Kazan (1917–1921)

Black C., Romashova M. V. From A schoolchild to the Red Army soldier: ways of growing up and everyday practices in post-revolutionary society

History of Middle Ages

Mehamadiev E. A. IX century Arabic Geographer Ibn Khordadbeh and Military Organization of Byzantine Empire in VIII – the first half of IX centuries: Problems of the Byzantine Theme Order’s Development

Zamoryakhin А. V. On ethnic identification of the 15th century lords of Theodoro

Political History of Western Countries

Kulepanov R. V. The Battle of Marianas, June – August 1944: The tragedy of the civilians

Kauganov E. L. «The Goldhagen debate»: re-actualization of the guilt problem in the context of german national identity in the 1990s

Sokolshchik L. M. Evolution of american social conservatism in the 1990s: from transformation to the rise

Shein S. A. The conservstive party during the leadership of David Cameron and the house of lords’ reform

Historical Heritage in Contemporary World

Povroznik N. G. Virtual museum: preservation and representation of historical and cultural heritage

Academic Life

Gagarina D. А. Russian-French seminar «Textometry and corpuses of Russian texts»

Guoqin Chen, Kamenskikh M. S. Research project «The Soviet-Chinese friendship of 1954–1960 in historical and cultural memory of Perm region»

Belova A. V., Pushkareva N. L. Women and women's movement for a world without wars and military conflicts

To the 100th Anniversary of Perm University

Plotnikova G. N., Plotnikov S. N. To the Memory of the teacher: a Portrait on the background of the epoch. To the 95th anniversary of Iakov Rabinovich


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