History of the Europe: Variety of Historical Experience

Vershinina D. B., Gorshkov A. S. Evolution of queer-identity in Great Britain

Mekhdiev E. T. The role of Multilateral Diplomacy in the Age of Globalization: OSCE (Case Study)

Actual Problems of Historical Information Science

Vladimirov V. N. Historical Occupational Studies: Subject of Research and Issues

Povroznik N. G. Information systems for historians: Main tendencies its development

The «Bibliosphere» in Modern Historical Knowledge

Pigaleva S. V. The Problem of Scientific Description of Significant Books in the Kama Region

Gagarina D. A., Kornienko S. I. Handwritten and Old Printed Cyrillic books in Internet

Kevin S. Hawkins Scholarly Library as a Publisher: Experience of University of (USA)

Scientific Life

Borodkin L. I. XVth World Congress of Economic History: Utrecht–2009

In Memoria

Vladimir Dmitrievich Inzelberg's memories





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