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History and Political Science. 2009. Issue 2 (9). [History]

Social-political History of Russia

Efremova T. N. Formation and Evolution of Security Services in Russia (1695–1801)

Ulianova L. V. Socially-professional portrait of the political police of the Russian Empire (1880–1905)

Suslov M. D. Neo-Slavophils and the Witte’s Reforms: Sergei Sharapov’s Economic Utopia

Riazanov S. M. The working-class question in the writings of L. A. Tikhomirov (The experience of the content-analysis)

Methodological Problems of Studying of the Soviet Society

Galmarini M. Did Soviet people have the right to be helped? Historiography, methodology, and sources for the study of social assistance and human rights in the Soviet Union (1917–1953)


Lapteva M. P. Intellectual intuition by Allan Megill

Scientific Life

Gorbacheva N. G., Gagarina D. A., Smetanin A. V. Russian-Austrian scientific seminar «Documentation and analysis of the historical and cultural heritage by historical information science methods»