Elite Groups in Russian Social History

Bogdanov S. V. Upbringing of the Elite: the phenomenon of privileged education in the russian Empire in the late 19th – early 20th centuries

Balagurov N. V. Emperor at an exhibition: a story from the modern era

Regional Aspects of the History of Imperial Russia

Evtehov R. A. Verkhneudinsk city police institution in 1798

Volgireva G. P. Pricing land at land management Permian farmers during the Stolypin reforms

Kharisova A. R. Journals of the Perm province zemstvo assemblies: on the origin of the historical source

Pyankov A. S. History of zemstvo institutions: digital historiography research

Ovcharenko L. M. Teaching pottery in Kamyanets-Podilsky art and craft training studio, 1908–1914

Forms of “Culture of Consent” in the Artistic Environment

Kruglova T.A., Litovskaya M. A. Soviet world: conformism and conformists

Litovskaya M. A. Constructive content of one conformist text

Nemenko E. P. Intellectuals and society in contemporary French sociology: on the history of the engagement concept

Social and Cultural Practices of the Soviet Era

Berezina V. А. «Knowledge is the way to communism. excursion is the conductor of knowledge»: excursion as a form of leisure and enlightenment of Petrograders-Leningraders in 1918–1929

Ryapusova D. N. «At evening cinema show in a small town...»: cinema in the context of the Great Patriotic War, according to the memoirs and letters of Ural people

Fokin A. A. «Comrades! Let me thank you for entrusting me»: culture of trust in the soviet electoral process

Manzhurin Е. А. Imagined continuity: pre-soviet heraldic heritage in the soviet city symbols (1953–1991)

Formats of Intercultural Communication

Romanenko I. S. Cultural exchange in Early modern times: the case of the trip of Johann Georg, duke of Saxe-Weimar, to Italy in 1701

Koss R. A., Plotnikova M. M. «Ten-thousand-mile tea road» and local identity’s formation (the examples of Irkutsk and Hankou)

History of Great Britain

Yushchenko A. V. British pre-revolutionary parliament in modern (XX century), the English-language historiography

Vasilieva S. A. Elizabeth Fry – «an angel of prisons»: British philanthropist and reformer in the assessments of contemporaries

Theatre of Power: Politics as a Symbolic Practice

Kohlrausch M. The Eulenburg scandal, 1906-1909: media and politics in wilhelmine Germany

Leibovich O. L. Confession, preaching and revelations at party meetings, 1936–1938

From the History of Electoral Technologies in Russia

Yegorov A. N. Election campaigning as a tool of the political opponent’s discreditation (on the materials of the elections to the State Duma of the Russian Empire)

Solovyev K. A. Election campaigns of the constitutional democrats and their recipient (1906–1912)

Bratolyubova M. V., Brizgalova I. G. Visualization of political life of Russia in the early 20th century: elections to the State duma in the Don region

Kiryanov I. K., Chugainova E. V. Administrative resource at the elections to the Fourth State duma of the Russian empire: Perm version

Obukhov L. A. Pre-election agitation to the Constituent Assembly

Kornienko S. I. «The history of political agitation in the Kama Region» project: on the path of «Digital Political Science»

To the 100th Anniversary of Perm University

Melnichuk A. F., Chagin G. N. Views of Vladimir Oborin on the ethnogenesis of Komi Perm people and current status of its studies


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