Freedom of thought and action. On the 80th Anniversary of Pavel Rahshmir

Sapiro Е. S. Fencer Pasha

Ishchenko V. V. The Portrait of the Teacher in the context of time

Loukianov M. N. The Russian Right and the beginning of the Great War

Podvintzev O. B. Popularity of conservatism in post-soviet Russia and the diversity of its nature

Kharina O. A. Role of intellectual heritage and ethno-culturalapproach in the works of Russell Kirk

Zolotykh V. R. American concervatives and immigration reform: political and electoral apects; issue of amnesty

Intellectual History

Vasilyeva A. G. Evfimiy Chudovskiy: intellectual search in Russian traditionalism in the last third of XVII century

Kazakova G. Kh. Ideology of François-René Chateaubriand in the historical context of the Еnlightenment and Romanticism merger


Nabokina T. A. From amateurism to science: peculiarities of the ural local historians and professional scholars’ communication

Pletneva A. V. Origins of Dmitry Ilovaisky’s Roksalan theory

Kirillov V. M. Contemporary national historiography on the campaign of “the fight against german dominance” during World War I

Long Revolution of 1917

Sokolov A. V. Questions of marriage laws in the Petrograd Soviet of Workers 'and Soldiers' Deputies (March – June 1917)

Godunov K. V. Images of enemies in the celebration of the october revolution’s Anniversaries: burning of the images of opponents (1918-1920)

Russian Society in the Conditions of Military Conflicts

Kaidysheva N. N. Charity as the manifestation of civil activity in Perm region during World War one

Suryaev V. N. “An officer must respect the human rights of his colleague of a lower rank”: on the issue of official relations between officers and soldiers in the russian army on the eve of World War I

Golikova S. V. Soldiers' memoirs: corporal Pavel Zhakov on World War I

Gazieva L. L. Using the experience of World War I in saving children during the Great Patriotic War: problems and contradictions

Melekhova Ju. A. Food provision of evacuees, 1941-1943 (on the example of Altai region)

Russian Regional Studies

Ershov M. F. The exiled decembrists and provincial population of the Trans-Urals

Kitsenko O.S., Kitsenko R.N. The formation of Zemstvo sanitary organization in the half of XIX – early XX century (on the materials of Saratov province)

Kiryukhin A. A. The cooperative sector of the soviet economy during Perestroika: problems and achievements (on the Penza region’s example)

Idiatullov A. K. Islamic revival among the tatars of Ulyanovsk region: the rise of religiousness and intrareligious problems

Political History of Modernity

Lobasheva A. A. Influence of Islamism to Algeria – United states relations at the turn of XX-XXI centuries

Dokuchaev D. S., Dokuchaeva N. A. Policy of Ethno-Regional Identity’s construction in the context of Montenegrin Sovereignty in late 1990s – Early 2000s


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