This fascicle of “History and Political Science” series is devoted to the memory of Lev Efimovich Kertman, who would have been 90 in 2007. Doctor of History, professor L.E. Kert-man used to be head of the Modern and Contemporary History Department of Perm State Uni-versity for many years. A man possessing encyclopaedic knowledge, he was a Scientist and a Teacher in the loftiest sense of this words. L.E. Kertman was notable for a breadth of scientific interests, he was interested in the issues of history, politics, cultural science, methodology.


Perm University Herald. Series History and Political Science. 2007. Issue 3(8) (.pdf)


Lapteva M. P. "Following with admiration…" (L.E. Kertman’s capital correspondents)

General History

Bubnov D. V. Herakles, Tarentum, Thurii and the transformation of the Italiote League in the seventieths of the fourth century B. C.

Bulakhtin M. A. Krakov conservatives and Polish democrats in the beginning of the XX century: from competition to cooperation

Schmidt T. Z. F. Naumann: the period of search and doubts

Borisoff A. A., Vasilenko Yu. V. The evolution of the conservative ideologocal paradigms in foreign policy of the USA during the "cold war"

Russian History

Shneyder K. I. "The person of the liberal nationality"

Plotnikova G. N. Correspondence of emperor Alexander II with grand duke Konstantin Nikolaevichem as a source on a history of a cancellation the serfdom in Russia

Sofjin D. M. Grand Prince Sergey Alexandrovich and Moscow society

Urals’ and Prikamie History

Korenyuk S. N., Melnichuk A. F. "Age of migration" in archaeology of Middle Priuralye

Chagin G. N. From the history of opening medieval routs to East and West on the territory of Perm the Great

Volgireva G. P., Kornienko S. I., Pigaleva S. V. The source study analysis of the newspaper "Perm provincial sheets" (XIX - the beginning of XX centuries) as the basis of projecting and creating information system

Kotchetkova N. A., Obukhov L. A. "Great terror": gender aspect (on the materials of Prikamie)

Cultural Researches

Ryazanova S. V. The mythology of ancient Egipt as a traditional believing model

Chernyh A. V. Russian reaping rituals in the Perm region

Ustyugova V. V. "The Queens" of Russian cinema: accumulation of modern ideals

Yankovskaya G. A. Art of the Stalin’s time as a problem of contemporary Russian and western historiography

Kiryanova O. I. Magazine images of Soviet women and social values in the USSR of the postwar period


Kolobov A. V. Three portraits in context of the classical archaeologyand modern political historyof Bosnia and Herzegovina

Zamorjakhin A. V. The earliest period of studies of the Crimean Goths settlement (late XVIII and 30-s of the XIX centuries)

Political Science

Bulgakov M. A. Problems of ethnic minority in the USA (on the basis of T.Sowell's works)

Sokolova T. V. Gubernator’ power phenomenon in the context of modern political processes in Russia: federal and regional levels

Scientific Life

Borisoff A. A. The equal partnership: the results of the Second International Summer School for the young historians of Russia and Ukraine

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