General History

Bubnov D. V. Tarantine Mercenary Forces from the Middle Fourth to the Early Third Century

Shmidt T. Z. Unlucky "Successor": Some Traits to the Portrait of Reichschancellor Bethmann Hollweg

Bulakhtin M. A. Polish Nobility in Assessment of the "Krakov Conservative" V.L. Jaworski

Vershinina D. B. The UK Conservative Party and "the Woman Question"

Russian History

Shayakhmetova V. R. The Russian Traditions of Public and Private Charity in the XVIII – XIX Centuries

Loukianov M. N. Bureaucracy and Reform in Russian Conservative Discourse at the End of the Nineteenth and the Beginning of the Twentieth Century

Dolgova A. V. The Desertion from Red and White Armies (1917–1922)

Gorbacheva N. G. Pre-revolutionary Historiography of Zemstvo’ Self-government in Russia in the Second Half of the XIX-th – the Beginning of the XX-th Centuries

Urals’ and Prikamie History

Korenyuk S. N., Melnichuk A. F., Pereskokov M. L. Horsemen of the Glyadenovo Culture

Shilov A. V. The Splits of the Stroganovs’ Perm Estates in the Middle and the Second Half of the XVIII Century

Pigaleva S. V., Kornienko S. I., Gagarina D. A., Gorbacheva N. G. Newspaper "Perm Provincial Sheets" (1838–1844): Traditional Source Study Analysis and Information Technologies

Vyatkin V. V. Church in the Urals and Armed Forces of Russia in the ХIХ-th and the Beginning of the ХХ-th Centuries

Volkova T. S. The Processes of Municipalization and Demunicipalization of Habitation in 20th of a Century XX (on the Example of Prikamye)

Obuchov L. A. From the History of One Correctional Labour Settlement (Forest Correctional Labour Settlement № 6. The Pre-Kuchino Period)

Cultural Researches

Vakhrameeva E. E. Image of the Literary Hero in Russian Household Stories of the XVII Century

Chagin G. N., Shestakova E. N. The Modern Social-cultural Area of the Komi-yazvinczi


"…I Couldn’t Imagine That We Can Become Witnesses of Anything Like These Disgraces": 1905 in the Dairy and Letters by Grand Prince Sergey Alexandrovich

Scientific Life

Lapteva M. P. Perm Society of Intellectual History

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