General History

Bubnov D. V. Italiote League in the Middle-Fourth Century B. C.

Kolobov A. V. Martyrdoms of legion soldiers – Christians during Tetrarchy

Ivenskih A. V. The Roman Military Equipment Elements at The Bospor

Domsky M. V. Reflection of German culture in ancient sources: peculiarities

Schmidt T. Z. Some approaches to the research of german social reformism on the eve of the XIX–XX centuries

Russian History

Giza A., Shelepenkin N. G. The Situation in Macedoia and Russia’s Position after the Berlin Congress 1878

Kiryanov I. K., Kornienko S. I. Information System "Russian Members of Parliament in the Beginning of the XX Century"

Romashova M. V. Representation of the Childhood in the USSR in the Memoirs at the Turn of the XXI century

Urals’ and Prikamie History

Vildanov R. F., Melnitschuk A. F. Influence of plots of Sassanian and Sogdian silver on images of Permian Animal Style

Chagin G. N. The Material Culture of Russian Population of Nothern-Eastern Prikamie at the end of XIX – middle of XX Century

Apkarimova E. Yu. Public organizations and leisure of Middle Urals’ urban population in the second half of 19th – beginning of 20th century

Belosludtseva V. V. Traditions of charity and social help in lower middle class communities of Perm province in the second half of 19th – beginning of 20th century

Shilov A. V. The Brothers Nobel Oil Production Company and the Formation of System of Oil Products Supply in the Urals

Cultural researches

Ryazanova S. V. About foundation of religious vision

Rakov V. M. Essai on the philosophy of Russian culture (classics and Silver century)

Ustyugova V. V. Modern Style in the early Russian Cinematograph (looking through the Works of E.F. Bauer)


Rakov V. M. Return the conviction to Europe

Zamorjakhin A. V. Crimean Goths’ Church History in Russian Historiography (XIX-XXI centuries A. D.)

Melnichuk A. F. Middle Priuralye - the cross-road of medieval trade routes

Scientific Life

Lapteva M. P. The activity of Perm filial of the Russian Society of Intellectual History

Problems of Higher School

Anokhina S. Yu. Quality evaluation of graduates’ professional training: new pedagogical paradigm

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