The Perm University Herald, series “History”. Issue 5. (.pdf)


General History

Ryazanova S. V. Mythology of Mesopotamia as a Chronotop

Andreeva E. M., Lapteva M. P. Woman in Hinduism

Kolpakov I. S. Overcoming of a Cultural Shock: Some Aspects of Mutual Relations of Greek and Barbarous Population in Bospor Empire (according to materials of the History Museum of Perm University)

Domsky M. V. The German Epos: Symbols of the Hero

Chernienko I. B. Painter’s Scientific Consciousness during the Renaissance (on example of Albrecht Duerer)

Prazdnikov A. G. The number and Estate Structure of the Population of English Towns in the XIV-XV centuries

Rakov V. M. The Protestant Ethics and Spirit of Liberalism

Kolobov A. V. Illyrism as a Factor of Balkan Peninsula Political History during XIX – XX centuries

Schmidt T. Z. Caizer’s Germany: Conservative Points of View about "Social Issue"

Vershinina D. B. Radical Dimension of Women and Men Movements in Britain of the XX century

Ofitserov-Belskiy D. V. The Position of Polish Republic on Questions of Global Safety and European Directorate

Chernovolova M. S. "To Understend Foucault": Foucault’s Philosophy of History in Postmodern Reflection of the second half of XX-th century

Lukashina E. A. George Bush Jr’s Website as a Source for Studying Social and Political Life of the USA

Borisoff A. A., Vasilenko Yu. V. The Modern Foreign Problems of the USA in American Conservatives’ Views

Russian History

Melnitschuk A. F., Vildanov R. F., Goldobin A. V. The Early Medieval East Monetary Burial in the Sacrifice Place of the Lomatovskaya Culture in the Source of the Sylver-river

Shneyder K. I. Early Russian Liberalism: The Discussions in Russian Historiography

Obukhov L. A., Uracinova O. V. Harbin Operation in Perm Region

Chagin G. N. Anthropological Identity and Anthropological Interaction of Peoples in Prikamye (based on the sociological research)

Scientific Life of the Faculty

Shylov A.V. The Scientific Work at the Department of Historical and Political sciencies: Present and Future

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