Philosophy of History and Political Science

Vasilenko Ju. V. The Correlation of the Structural Historical Conception and the Historical Conception of Civilizations

Rakov V. M. The System of European States (XVI - XVIII century)

Podvintsev O. B. Conservatism in Political Continuum and Political Space

Historical Research

Bubnov D. V. Italian Expedition of Alexander the Molossian in the Narrative Tradition

Kolobov A. V. The Social Structure of the Officer Corps of Roman Legions under the Principate

Shmidt T. Z. G. Stresemann, German Liberalism and Social Policy (early XX century)

Bulakhtin M. A. Polish Model of Parliamentary Democracy: Functional Difficulties and Ways to Overcome Them

Batyanovsky V. N. The Legal Status and Material Situation of the Deported Poles in the Urals (1940-1941)

Njurkaeva A. Z. Kosovo Crisis

Kiryanov I. K. The Russian Empire's Fundamental Law of the 23d of April, 1906: The Phenomenon of the "Conservative" Constitution

Vishnevsky E. Liberal Conceptions of "Slav question" in Russia

Loukianov M. N. "Not to Ruin Russia in the Poisonous Embrace of the Capitalist Order": Conservatives, Capitalism and Reforms, 1907-1914

Yankovskaya G. A. Soviet Culture. Paradoxes of "Big Style"

Historiography and Studies of Historical Sources

Shneyder K. I. Early Russian Liberalism of XIXth century in Modern Historiography

Borisoff A. A. Nathan Glazer and Multiculturalism

Volgireva G. P. Traditional Book Culture of the Perm Region in the XVII-XX centuries as the Sources of the Study of the Mentality of the Local Population

Chagin G. N. The world of Russian province in the letters from Nikolay Gusev to Leo Tolstoy

Academic News and Events

Shilov A. V. Academic Research of the Faculty of History and Politics in 1998

Lapteva M. P. On the Syllabus of the Course in "History of Civilization"

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